Top 7 Proven Home Remedies for Leucorrhea Treatment


to control the leucorrhea, intake of figs is notable. laxative movement of figs facilitates to take away the pollutants and waste substances from the frame. they art work in an outstanding way to resolve the hassle of more white vaginal discharge.

a manner to apply

soak five-6 figs in overnight in a single cup of water. subsequent step in morning is to blend the soaked figs in water. devour this answer on an empty stomach.
as a substitute, you can grind the equal portions of the bark of the fig tree and banyan tree to make a outstanding powder. add 1/2 -one tablespoon of this powder in -three cups of water. use this solution as a vaginal wash.
extra hints

keep the right hygiene.
wash your undergarments every day and allow them to dry beneath the sun.
do no longer placed on grimy, tight or artificial undergarments
alternate undergarments as a minimum 3-four times each day.
wash the vaginal vicinity and surrounding vicinity.
wipe from the front to again after the usage of the bathroom.
keep away from oily substances.
avoid espresso, alcohol and aerated beverages.
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the manner to use

devour one glass of clean pomegranate juice daily for one month.
grind 25-30 easy pomegranate leaves with 8- 10 black pepper.
add this combination in half of glass of water.
strain and drink it instances each day till you examine a sizable alternate.
some other alternative makes powder of dried rind of a pomegranate.
make the powder of dry the rind of pomegranate.
combo half of to at the least one tablespoon of this powder in 3-4 cups of water.
use this answer as a vaginal spray.
fenugreek seeds

fenugreek seeds are loaded with the immunity booster houses. in leucorrhea, this allows to stability the ph level and micro flora in a vagina.

commands to apply

take – three teaspoons of fenugreek seeds in 3-four cups of water and boil for 25-1/2-hour.
pressure and let it cool.
you can use this water as a vaginal wash frequently every day till the signs and symptoms and signs get reduce.
indian gooseberry (amla)

being a very good deliver of vitamins c, it enables to reinforce up the immune device. furthermore, amla is loaded with the antimicrobial residences that help to beat back vaginal infections.

the manner to apply

make a thick paste via manner of blending one – two teaspoons of indian gooseberry powder with honey. devour it two instances in an afternoon.
another alternative is to boil one teaspoon of dried indian gooseberry root powder in a single cup of water till it reduced to 1/2. you will upload little sugar or honey as consistent with flavor. devour it on an empty belly each morning.

cranberries full of the antimicrobial, antifungal and antioxidant houses. those houses assist to combat closer to the bacterial, viral and fungal infections. in leucorrhea, cranberry facilitates to remove the bacteria from vaginal wall.

a way to use

drink one glass of sparkling cranberry juice a few times for 86f68e4d402306ad3cd330d005134dac results
excessive vaginal discharge, foul scent, recognizing on undies – yes we are speakme about the leucorrhea. leucorrhea is one in maximum filthy woman vaginal infections. this condition is sufficient to make the ladies feel peeved and uncomfortable. it’s miles awful but nowadays it has grow to be a common hassle most of the girls. to manipulate this vaginal contamination, leucorrhea herbal treatment is fruitful.

it’s far scientifically tested that to treat the leucorrhea evidently, use of home remedies is pretty powerful.

why does leucorrhea hang-out the ladies?

girl’s genital additives are moist and guarded most of the instances it absolutely is why women are relatively at risk of this contamination.

viable reasons of leucorrhea

horrible genital hygiene
hormonal imbalances
flawed manner of lifestyles
bad ingesting habits
bacterial and fungal infections
genital wounds because of immoderate itching
ailments like menorrhagia and diabetes
stress and anxiety
proper here we’re list the pinnacle 7 demonstrated domestic treatments for leucorrhea remedy


bananas are considered as an effective home remedy to address leucorrhoea virtually. being disinfected in movement banana enables to extrude the harmful microorganism from a vagina.

directions to use

you will consume one to two overripe bananas each day.
repeat it until you have a look at the substantial alternate.

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